Carmel Crinnion
Carmel Crinnion


Carmelle... an energy and sound alchemist, who offers a unique healing technique directly learned from the ancient masters. She transforms people from fear to power, fine-tuning their frequency like a divine conductor - offering them a clear lens on their life. When in her presence, you will feel listened to, safe, and witness how she facilitates energetic change to align you to your true desires. Anyone experiencing physical, emotional or mental resistance to living the life they desire should be ready to hear her say: “A world of magnificent change awaits you. Surrender and trust will open the door to change.” And be prepared for her to ask: “What would you change if you looked on your life from afar, from a clear perspective?”

My philosophy is:

Growth is never-ending, providing limitless opportunities in any given moment to step into a better life.

My Mission:

To show people they can choose themselves without being judged or feeling shame.

ORENDA - Your very own genie in a bottle.

Your Orenda is the most potent gift you carry. It is a mystical force of spiritual energy

exerted entirely at the free will of its possessor - you.

Since we all carry unique blueprints for this life, none of us can possess or control the

orenda of another. Therefore, no one else can choose your course. This is where your free

will is entrenched, deep within your soul.

Society, religion and the expectations and judgments of others all attempt to bring order to

this orenda. But like any human law or rule or contract, they were doomed. Marriage vows

are often outgrown or broken, religions rules are stretched and distorted to suit the needs

of the hierarchy or the followers. Laws of governments are broken, gaols are packed.

Gambling, the stock market, parliaments, courts of law - all continually bending, stretching

and breaking the laws that were made to create order for humanity.

In fact, it would be fair to assume that as soon as rules and laws are created, there are

schemes and tactics being conjured to break them. Look at the hacking industry.

All of this to say, maybe it's time to revisit where our standards and our boundaries lie, in

relation to how we live our life?

We will visit this and so much more on an inquisitive platform to level the playing field

within our field of influence. To identify where we place trust, where we are people

pleasing, where we are hiding, where we are drowning out our own soulvoice.

I am extending my work beyond one on one sessions and into the foray of the online

world, which is available to us all. 2020 will be the year of my own beckoning soulvoice

being listened to, finally making this available to the many who are eminating the energetic

desire, which I am receiving, loud and clear.

My first online course is:

Orenda - Your Soulvoice

Initiating the codes within for action in your life.

Simple. Profound. Life changing.

This is the initial course that will lead into deeper inner work.

This is the course that will set the foundation for next-level living and manifestation (and for

my next offering which is already in the making, for next year, and SOOOO incredible but

different - it follows on from where this one leaves off!)


Commences Tuesday 19th November

Online over four weeks and includes:

live calls each week including weekly meditations designed to activate your potential,

intended specifically for each week.

Printable guidelines for each week for your perusal or study, depending on how you work

in courses. Homework is not required in the traditional sense, I will offer you guidelines for

what to include in each weeks call.

Call replays in case you can’t make the live calls.

Private facebook group where you can choose to exchange ideas, challenges and

conversations with other members, and benefit from more posts and livestreams I will be

posting there, even after the course completes.

Access to me via messenger for any queries or clarification.


$888 (of course, 8 is my life number) This is a beta or introductory price, the next offering

of this course, with any additions, will be significantly higher.

4 x instalments of $222 OR 2 instalments of $444 available. Course must be entirely paid

for before commencement.

Enroll here with all your relevant information and any queries you may have, and I will send

you the links for payment or payment plans.

With so much love, excitement and anticipation,

Carmelle xo